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Pariah Brothers 2016

Deep South ( Live Album 2015 )

"Brainstorming live set from down and dirty Irish blues rockers. Deep South shows Crow Black Chicken developing into very real,and distinctive, contenders." The Blues Magazine 8/10

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Electric Soup (2012)

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"It's not often these days for a band to lay down a complete track as a 'take' but that's exactly the approach taken by Crow Black Chicken. This is a very honest album with a lot of feel and solid playing throughout and is a strong promise of things to come." Guitar Techniques

"Electric Soup is not only a promising debut, it's a savage beast of a record: grimy, lean, mean, and soulful."

Rumble Shake (2014)

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"These guys do the nasty blues like the devil hisself was hurting and rock like they'll skate come judgement day" Ray Wylie Hubbard