Crow Black Chicken UK Tour Diary Nov 2017

We just returned form an 8 show tour of the UK, from the coast of Devon to lovely Leeds, we covered a lot of ground but managed not to hit any wildlife which is always a plus. We started our tour on the Devon coast in Ilfracomble. The festival was great but we never thought we’d find a place with worse weather than Ireland, just kidding but seriously we couldn’t recommend it enough. We then headed off to play the legendary 100 Club in London which was one of the highlights for us. We were in awe to be walking int he footsteps of giants. One of the lads commented that Mick Jaggar and Paul McCarthney had probably used the same toilet in the dressing room, thats probably the closest we’ll get to either of those. So then our next stop was The Tunnels in Bristol , a place that looked like it could survive a strike by Kim Jong Un, what a great little venue right in under Bristols beautiful train station. We were blown away by the great crowd. Next up Greystones in Sheffield, lovely little venue with some great beers on tap, we had a great time playing over 2 hours of originals for the thirsty buggers there. Next up was Yardbirds in Grimsby supporting the legendary Patron Saint of Irish Guitarists Pat McManus formerly of Mamas Boys. Pat is alway an inspiration to us and what a great band he has. Off we went then onto the Leopard in Doncaster, a great little spot and another whopping 2 hour set in a great sounding venue with a great audience. Last but not least it was the Duck and Drake in Leeds, set in the heart of the beautiful victorian city we were treated like kings by Andy the staff there. They even had Pies waiting for us when we arrived. I don’t think they even knew of our obsession with Greggs.  Speaking of which, a lot of Greggs was had along the way and many a cup of Yorkshire Tea and not to forget the good pints of Ale. What we enjoyed most was the great audiences and the music lovers we met along the way. Rock and roll is alive and well on these isles. Until next year.

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  1. Its great to hear Ireland’s “best kept secret” is getting filtered through to the deserving masses. The UK has always been THE place for ground-breaking music so I am thrilled to hear our good neighbours have appreciated our three uncrowned kings of blues-rock. I am pretty sure that like myself there are a lot of B-R fans in the UK still talking about the recent visit from the CBC trio. I first heard them in a venue in Ireland called ‘On The Rox’ in Dublin’s fair city just over a year ago now and I experienced that hammer-blow moment too. I had rabbited on about bands like ZZ-TOP and guitarists like David Lindley for years but living within 20km of Slane and 70km of Dublin I have been fortunate enough to have heard the greatest bands of all time…from the likes of The Pixies and Television through to James Brown, Steely Dan, Queen, David Bowie, U2, The Kinks, The Eagles and even good ol Bruce Springsteen . I had seen ZZ in 1985 in the RDS Dublin and then had to wait 29 years for their return. Their next shows in 2014 & 2015 were memorable but little did I know that the support band to ZZ that I actually missed (arrived too late) at the 2015 gig was a band none other than Crow Black Chicken. Fast forward a year and CBC were mentioned on a morning tv show which my wife caught and told me about. We liked the name so Googled and YouTube-d them there and then….and… HOLY SHIT!! How on EARTH had we not heard these god-sends for almost 7 years? I went to their next gig (On The Rox) and stood in dis-belief….these guys looked and sounded even BETTER in the flesh. I had just gorged my senses on their 76 minute Whelans gig on YouTube beforehand but this live experience was from another planet that made the hair on my neck stand. To me they were more raw than ZZ and Govt Mule…their (OWN) songs were short and sweet…just like the masterpieces Teenage Kicks and Johnny Be Good. I was instantly hooked and in utter disbelief. These guys were Irish….I could see them once or twice a month and I might even get to speak to them before or after their shows! This to me was just insane. As a result…every compressed song and CD I possessed at that moment was made redundant… there and then….bang!
    So…13months and 32 gigs later I have had the absolute HONOUR to get to know them and hear them as close as 10 feet away and boy are they good…if ‘good’ is good enough a word? Every single gig…whether in sprawling venues or low-roof tightly packed rooms they have excelled. At some pub venues I have seen people who have wandered in after hearing the music outside…stand in awe…two steps inside the door…gob-smacked at the sound emitted by just 3 human beings with 3 instruments…they probably scan the stage and count the heads twice to be sure. Pub bands normally play covers…some good…some bad but these guys!!! ‘What was that song’ is usually their first utterance or else they just sheepishly stand and enjoy the musical tsunami being unleashed upon them…songs they probably never heard before but will never forget. Christy’s gravelly vocals and mind-bending guitar riffs, Gev’s manic ‘four arms’ drumming and Steven’s sternum-fracturing bass lines as well as his snake-charming stage antics make a perfect soup of aural and visual pleasure the likes of I have never before experienced….legal drugs for the senses and in abundance. This onslaught usually lasts two hours and as you climb out of that rollercoaster of blues-rock at the end you feel like you have just experienced something special. Songs like John Lee Wee and Rumble Shake make you want to jump around then you hear others like Deer Meat Unloaded and you want to give stage-diving a bash. Other masterpieces like Skin Deep and Epitaph will entrance you so by the time those two hours are up you will have experienced a sample of everything on their comprehensive menu and your musical belly will be full. If you are unfortunate enough to NOT have heard them yet then do your mind (not just your “ears”) a favour and check their gig-guide then go and see them. The cover charge…if any…is usually small so if money is tight then use it to buy a cd or teeshirt after their show…you will want to. These guys do this for a living hence the word PROFESSIONAL is due and man… is that not true!
    So…Ireland’s best kept secret is getting out and even if you have only ONE brain-cell in your head… give it a treat and get yourself to a CBC gig asap to enjoy what REAL music is all about…if you cant then buy a cd…the teeshirt will follow. I did and it was like I had been blind for years only to be kindly returned to full vision by the three uncrowned kings of blues-rock…GO AND SEE THEM OR AT LEAST…BUY A CD AND LISTEN TO THEM.
    My heroes & friends…the incredible…the cool…the raw…the living proof there is life on another planet…CROW BLACK CHICKEN.
    Mike Yore

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