Spanish Tour March 2018

spanish tour post We are pleased to announce our return to the land that brought us such great tunes as “Deer Meat Unloaded” and there is also one in the works with a working title called ‘Death Ride’ , which is about the anniversary of our return from Spain one year on from hitting Fernando the deer, in which the Gods of the Deer decided to make us drive through a biblical rain storm in which we emerged tramatized but unharmed. Christy didn’t sleep for 4 days after it. So we can’t wait for this tour and hopefully there will be lots of great stories and we will see a lot of our lovely Iberian friends. See you all soon.

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  1. Hi fellow CBC fans….I hope you guys are ready for The Spout gig in Kilcullen on March 3rd…..its gonna be the last chance to catch our heroes up this end of Ireland until after their Spanish tour mid-March. The Spout is a friendly and spacious venue in the small but EASY to get to town of Kilcullen….parking is a doddle there and its just 2km off junction-2 on the M9 that runs on the west side of the town. It lies only 15mins directly south of Naas so its easily within an hour of Dublin and only 2hrs from almost anywhere else in Ireland….thanks to our new motorway network.
    So….if you want some SERIOUS musical entertainment next Saturday night March 3rd around 10 or 10:30 pm… make your way to The Spout in Kilcullen (2km off junction-2 of the M9). For the blues-rock fix you are ALWAYS guaranteed and from the only Vikings who actually hail from Hibernia….Crow Black Chicken….Ireland’s best kept secret and the musical legends you have got to catch live. This is YOUR chance to witness what the fans rave about…be there and see for yourself…
    The Spout…Kilcullen…March 3rd…10:30pm…GO!

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