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South Roman Street Album coverWe are delighted to announce the release of our 5th Album ( Live Album ) entitled South Roman Street. Many of you were at the gig in Clonmel where we filmed the show and the night after in Cork in Charlies were Duncan the engineer crammed his desk up on the back of the seats behind us. Well we recored those 2 shows and used the best tracks for our latest record. You’ll hear a lot of the new tracks from Pariah Brothers and some of the old ones as far back as Electric Soup, like The Drop and Lie Awake. And not to mention some funny banter. We are delighted to be able to release this as we’ve been touring a lot of these songs for so long they have evolved. As you know funding albums these days can be tough so without folks to buy CD’s and merch it would be impossible so thanks again for supporting live music and independent music. Without ye it wouldn’t be possible. The Chickens

Streaming Teaser ( Release Date Fri April 20th )

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4 Replies to “New Live Album Pre Order”

  1. Can’t Wait For It Lads Will Keep Plugging Away For Yis With My Good Friend Dave Kelly Of Affinity radio In Kent

  2. Pre-ordered the new South Roman Street CD and download from Bandcamp and I’m playing the three sneak-peek (listen?) singles from it since…superb…AGAIN…even the bloody cover of it is a work of art so looking forward to a poster Gev?? Anyway…roll on April 20th so I can break another window or fall out with my neighbour with Deer Meat Unloaded….maybe I’ll just relax with Electric Soup and Calib? My teenage sons pollute the house with their choice of ‘ceol’….well boys…its daddy’s turn so gimme that fekin remote…pronto Tonto!!
    Forget ZZ and Mule guys….this is a sample of the seminal stuff Ireland’s best kept secret kick out…24/7…however…it might just change that little mystery forever. So if you are sitting there reading this…check these guys out and see for yourself…then look up their gig guide above and catch them live….GOOD ADVICE….VERY GOOD ADVICE.

  3. Hey guys, looking to pre-order signed copies of the new album on CD and vinyl, but can’t see the options on the website… Can you please clarify if it’s available on vinyl? See ye soon! Daragh

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