New album South Roman Street is out now.

Imagine the Texas Blues of early ZZ Top mixed with the live energy of fellow Irishman Rory Gallagher and you are some way on your way to describing Ireland’s blues rock power trio of Crow Black Chicken. The long bearded Trio from Ireland’s Deep South often draw comparisons to their Texas counterparts but when they took to the stage before ZZ Top in 2015 they were determined to set down a marker that they were creating a sound all of their own. Coming up on their 10 year anniversary this is the bands 5th album and captures a band at the height of their musical career. Recorded over 2 live shows in Ireland South Roman Street captures 74 minutes of raw unpolished rock and roll music that takes you on a rollercoaster of sound, from the frenetic rock sounds of ‘Bleedin’ to the subtle tones of ‘Lie Awake’. With tracks from all their studio albums this is the next best thing to seeing the Crow Black Chicken Live.


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  1. After all the promises to myself, I finally made that trip to see CBC in Cork city last weekend; 317km straight to Charlies Bar on Union Quay…Friday 18th May gone. I had heard CBC were to be seen there because of the close-up and raw experience they deliver…every time they play that special place. Wow…what a cool venue…an old-school pub…steeped in live-music with artwork on the walls and ceilings paying homage to our Celtic roots, our musical brilliance and local artwork of no finer an example than Cork’s very own..the blues rock guitar-god… Rory Gallagher. For a crowd they had a wonderful mix…there were locals, CBC fans and foreign guests who happened to wander by or were sharp enough to have checked out online what Cork had to offer that night. Looking around…amongst the various artwork and artefacts I noticed that there lurked a number of quality and ample speakers…strategically placed for maximum effect and ready to deliver a surprise to our waiting ears. This wasnt just your ‘ordinary pub’…no sir-eee…these guys meant business and the bearded dudes about to play were gonna make those speakers really earn their keep and stretch their frequencies from one end of the sonic spectrum to the other. With the band set up just inside the door on your right as you entered, they started up their 2hr blues-rock stint that was like an eyeballs out downhill roller-coaster ride from start to finish. After only 2 or 3 songs there were fists punching the air….air guitars playing and mobile phones flashing or sending clips to the four corners of the Earth. Christy, Gev and Steve belted it out to us all…as cool and precise as music surgeons with all their great hits sounding so good… up close and personal. A young Spanish couple and another group of what sounded like French tourists were in awe at how us Irish rock and feed our senses with the finest there is to offer in this Northern Hemisphere. The songs kept coming with only a brief breather mid-way with one of their slower songs to allow our heart-rates return from cardiac arrest territory. On to the finale with two or three encores to the loud chants of the mesmerised and satisfied patrons. It sadly came to a close with cheers and applause from old and new fans who had been wise enough to be there. Christy has always quipped that “there is nowhere quite like Charlie’s” and now I can see why. After enjoying 43 live gigs from our masters of blues-rock…I thought I had experienced them ‘up close’ before but I only then realised what the very best in LIVE music is all about.
    That same week had seen mammoth gigs around Ireland to well over 200,000 fans…some who had paid North of €100 to experience their heroes but I doubt if any came home more satisfied than the patrons of Charlie’s that night. With a new live album out and a studio one in the making…these guys are Ireland’s Best Kept Secret…for now…but…time will tell and word gets around…CBC live are an experience that should be on our tourist bucket-lists…just like The Cliffs of Moher or The Guinness Storehouse.
    So…as I drove back to my loved ones from Charlie’s I realised that it cant get much better than that. Myself and Sandy have seen some of the biggest and best bands in the world before…sure we live only 20mins from Slane and an hour from Dublin but these guys are something different…something raw….something special. Seeing them up close and live in a quaint and cool place like Charlie’s… its probably like base-jumping, driving a Formula-1 car or even flying a fighter plane…(without a wind-shield). Its the ultimate in live music and they probably dont realise just how good they really are? However…I do… because I get to see them from the floor and I see the surprise in the faces of the real music fans there….every single time. Just check their gig-guide here…catch them live and you will see EXACTLY why I drove so far for a few hours of memorable stuff. Even if Jagger and Co were playin in my back garden that night I was STILL gonna be keying in ‘Union Quay, Cork city’ to my sat-nav that evening and headin south.

  2. 😂😂😂😂very well said that man! Since first hearing the chicken I have a need to fill my ears with theyre awsome sound. This only make s that need burn more in my soul! I must come to Cork cos there is no way they will be coming to Cornwal. 🤘🏻🤝

    1. Ray….ur obviously a man of excellent taste. Keep an eye on their website…they hit the UK at least 2 or 3 times a year and play a large area so you might be within an hour of one of their seminal performances before 2019 expires.
      Im at 63 gigs now with at least 2 more coming this month (May 2019) so I hope you get to fill your senses with their awesome sound very soon. Make sure you get to meet them after their show…theyre every bit as cool to talk to as they sound playing.
      Farewell my good man and thank you for supporting my heroes.

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